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Doug Bandow is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute. He served as a Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and as a Senior Policy Analyst in the 1980 Reagan for President campaign.

He is a weekly columnist for Forbes online and contributes regularly to other publications. Bandow has written and edited several books, including Foreign Follies: America’s New Global Empire (Xulon Press) and The Politics of Plunder: Misgovernment in Washington (Transaction). He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs. He received his B.S. in Economics from Florida State University in 1976 and his J.D. from Stanford University in 1979. His research interests include promoting peaceful international relations and free trade.


Jeff Crawford consults to leaders in business, government, and non-profit organizations to enhance the personal effectiveness of executives and management teams. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate students at three universities in the United States, currently lectures on the application of psychology to management at Hawaii Pacific University, and has presented on the intersection of psychology, free market economics, and ethics in Europe and Asia. He has served on the Board of Directors for three organizations and engages in angel investing, portfolio management, and micro-philanthropy.

Jeff received his BA with Honors in Psychology and Human Relations from Austin College and a PhD in Psychology from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas. He is a licensed psychologist in the state of Hawaii and member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Society of Psychologists in Management.


Andy Eyschen is an international technology, management and strategy consultant with over 42 years of work experience in a variety of industries, such as banking, insurance, trade, oil & gas, telecommunications and government. He is currently advisor to several entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Africa.

Andy has been living and working in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East for the past 25 years as an independent consultant for a number of governments and private sector companies (such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Citibank, Telekom Malaysia, BP, and Shell). In his capacity as Director of the Language of Liberty Institute, Andy has taught Philosophy, Economics, Entrepreneurship and English to hundreds of students throughout Eastern Europe, Africa and Central Asia for the past 8 years.


Feng Xingyuan is the Vice Director and Board member of Unirule Institute of Economics, Professor of Economics of Rural Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (RDI/CASS), Executive President of Cathay Institute for Public Affairs, and Research Associate of East-West Centre for Business Studies and Cultural Science of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He majored in economics (financial economics and public finance). His main research fields include Austrian School of Economics, Freiburg School, Public Choice, new institutional economics, evolutionary economics, banking and finance, SME finance, rural finance, private sector development, government finance.

Xingyuan authored or co-authored a dozen monographs, including Capital Freedom in China: 2011 Annual Report (2011), Local Government Competition (2010), and The EMU and The Euro (1999), He also authored papers published on top international journals, including “Reinterpretation of ‘Chinese Miracle’” (2011). He is also editor of three book series, including the well-known series “Modern Western Thought Series” (with the Chinese version of Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty, Buchanan’s The Power to Tax). Xingyuan won with his project team the 2011 Templeton Award of Atlas Foundation of Economics in the category of “Free Market Solutions to Poverty”, with the Corporate Capital Freedom Project of Cathay Institute for Public Affairs, the 3rd Prize of the Excellent Research of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for the Year 2011 with the book “TVE Finance and Endogenous Financial Innovations in Rural China”, and the 2nd Prize of Excellent Research of the National Development and Reform Commission for the Year 2009 with a report on county and township-level government finance in China..


Dr. Fred Foldvary teaches economics at Santa Clara University, California, and directs the school’s Civil Society Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University and was a Phi Beta Kappa Honor student as a UC Berkeley undergraduate. Foldvary’s main scholarly interests are public finance, real estate economics, and social ethics. His book Public Goods and Private Communities won him the Atlas Foundation’s Antony Fisher International Memorial Award in 1995, and a Chinese edition was published in 2006. Foldvary is known for his research on community associations and for accurately predicting and explaining the recession of 2008 in his 1997 article on the business cycle published in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology. Besides his numerous articles, Fred Foldvary writes a weekly column for The Progress Report <www.progress.org> and is an associate editor of the online journal Econ Journal Watch <www.econjournalwatch.org>.


Rainer Heufers is the founder and Managing Director of Siap Solutions Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based consulting firm that provides strategic counseling, public policy consulting, leadership training, and other services to international think tanks, political parties, corporations, and government agencies. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation where he leads the annual “Think Tank MBA” for think tank leaders around the world.

From 1999 to 2011 Rainer Heufers represented the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty in several Asian nations, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. He also supported the development of a network of free market think tanks from around Asia: the Economic Freedom Network Asia (EFN Asia). Since 1984 he has researched economic and social policies involved in China’s transition to a market economy.


Prof.Zhu Haijiu teaches at Zhejiang Gongshang University. He was a visiting scholar at Copenhagen Business School in 2006 and studied Strategy Management and Globalization, led by Prof. Nicolai Foss. He is also a research fellow for the Unirule Institute of Economics (Beijing) and the Cathay Institute for Public Affairs (Beijing). His main research interests include Austrian economics, entrepreneurship, methodology of economics, and principles of the market economy. He has translated books on Austrian Economics into Chinese, including Jesus Huerta de Soto’s Socialism, Economic Calculation and Entrepreneurship, Austrian School:Market Order and Entrepreneurship Creativity, and Israel Kirzner’s book Ludwig von Mises. He is also the author of four books: The Essentials of the Market, The Perspective and Method of Human Action, and The Economic Analysis of the Inter-firm Network. He also writes columns for Time Weekly (Guangzhou) and 21st Business Herald (Guangzhou).


Casey Lartigue is the Director for International Relations at the Center for Free Enterprise in Seoul, South Korea. He is a former talk show host on XM 169 The Power and a former policy analyst at the Cato Institute. He is co-editor of the book Educational Freedom in Urban America: Five Decades After Brown v. Board of Education. His writings have been published in USA Today, Ed. magazine (Harvard Graduate School of Education), Education Week, the New York Post, the Washington Times, Asian Week and the Washington Post. He has spoken at the National Press Club, Harvard University Law School, the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, been a featured guest on the Rush Limbaugh Show and C-SPAN, and testified before Congress on school choice in the nation’s capital. He has a master’s degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a bachelor’s degree from the Harvard University Extension School


Cris Lingle earned a doctorate in economics from the University of Georgia in 1977. Since then, he has been employed at universities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and USA.

He has been Visiting Professor of Economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala since 1998. He is also an Adjunct Scholar at the Centre for Independent Studies (Sydney), Research Scholar at the Centre for Civil Society (New Delhi), and Member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Globalization Institute (London). He operates an independent consultancy that advises clients on economic and political risk in emerging market economies (www.eConoLytics.com). Dr. LINGLE’s research interests are in the areas of Political Economy and International Economics. He focuses upon emerging market economies and public policy reform in Europe, East Asia, Latin America and Southern Africa. His work has appeared as chapters in books, the international media, and scholarly journals that include the American Economic Review, Foreign Affairs, Journal for Studies in Economics and Econometrics, Kyklos, and Pacific Review. His book on the political economy of Singapore’s development was entitled, Singapore’s Authoritarian Capitalism: Asian Values, Free Market Illusions, and Political Dependency (1996). He is widely credited with anticipating the turmoil in the East Asian economies that began in 1997 (The Rise and Decline of the ‘Asian Century’: False Starts on the Road to the ‘Global Millennium’, May 1997).


A teacher, journalist, and writer, Christian Michel acquired a practical experience of economics when running his own business. He is the author of books and papers published by the Institut Economique de Paris, and Hampden Press, notably Vivre Ensemble; Restitution: Justice in a Stateless Society; The Class Struggle Is Not Over; Capitalism, and the Wisdom of the Elders; and The End of the Warrior. A Parisian by birth, he currently lives in London.


Barun S. Mitra is founder and director of a nonprofit, independent public policy research and educational organization, dedicated to providing market-based responses to contemporary public policy issues that enhance freedom of choice for all. Mitra writes on public policy issues with a special interest in development and environment, trade and technology, property and intellectual property rights, and democracy and related issues. He was the recipient of the Julian Simon Award 2005 from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington DC. An opinion article published in The Sunday Times, London, had been selected for Excellence in Environmental Journalism Award 2004 by the Pacific Research Institute, San Francisco.


Ken Schoolland is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu. Schoolland is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, President of ISIL, a Sam Walton Fellow for Students in Free Enterprise, a member of the Board of Scholars for the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, and a charter member of the Board of Directors of the Small Business Hawaii Entrepreneurial Education Foundation.

He has authored two books: The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey, now published in 45 languages, and Shogun’s Ghost: The Dark Side of Japanese Education, in two languages.


Kenli Schoolland completed an Economics and Politics degree in 2010 at the University of Buckingham in England, and is in the masters programme at the London School of Economics. She has worked as an intern at free-market think-tanks: the Institute of Economic Affairs in London and Grassroot Institute of Hawaii. In addition, she has taught at Liberty English camps and Economics seminars in Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, and China; and was a speaker at the 2010 Libertarian Alliance Annual Conference and at the ISIL World Conference in Sicily 2011.

JOSEF Šíma (Czech Republic)

Josef Šíma got his Ph.D. from the University of Economics, Prague. In 2006 he established and became chairman of “Department of Institutional Economics” at the University of Economics. In 2008 he has been named full-professor in the field of economics. In 2009 he accepted an offer to become the president of CEVRO Institute [school of legal and social studies], a small, private, free-market college offering BA and MA programs in private and public law, political science, international relations, sociology and economic policy.

Josef Šíma has served for years as an editorial director of Liberální Institut, Prague, the oldest free-market think-tank in the Czech Republic; translated over 10 books (including Human Action by Ludwig von Mises and Man, Economy and State by Murray Rothbard and supervised publication of tens of more. He is a founder and editor-in-chief of interdisciplinary scholarly journal New Perspectives on Political Economy and the president of major Central-European interdisciplinary gathering of scholars, Prague Conference on Political Economy, both of which have become flag ships of CEVRO Institute. Josef Šíma has published tens of articles in professional and popular journals and several books (in Czech), e.g. Market in Time and Space (2000) and Introduction to the Logic of Social Action – Law and Economics Primer (2004).


Fr. Robert Sirico has been active in public policy affairs for more than twenty years. His concern that religious communities knew little about the economic issues surrounding today’s social problems prompted him to found the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty in 1990. Father Sirico regularly lectures in the U.S. and around the world, and his writings have appeared in various journals, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, National Review, The London Financial Times, and Crisis. He most recently authored The End of Freedom (forthcoming May 2012).

In April of 1999, Fr. Sirico was awarded an honorary doctorate in Christian Ethics from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and in May of 2001, Universidad Francisco Marroquin awarded him an honorary doctorate in Social Sciences. He is a member of the prestigious Mont Pèlerin Society, the American Academy of Religion, and the Philadelphia Society, and is on the Board of Advisors of the Civic Institute in Prague. Father Sirico also served on the Michigan Civil Rights Commission from 1994 to 1998. In addition to his duties as president of the Acton Institute, he is currently serving on the pastoral staff of Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Jo Ann Skousen teaches English writing and literature at Mercy College in New York. She is the entertainment editor for Liberty magazine, where she writes movie and book reviews, and is the founder and director of Anthem, the Libertarian Film Festival. Jo Ann has been writing and teaching about freedom and libertarian ideals for over 30 years. You can reach her at jskousen@anthemfilmfestival.com


Mark Skousen is a professional economist, investment expert, university professor, and author of over 25 books. He earned his Ph. D. in monetary economics at George Washington University in 1977. Currently he holds the Benjamin Franklin Chair of Management at Grantham University. He has taught economics and finance at Columbia Business School, Columbia University, Barnard College, Mercy College, and Rollins College. Since 1980, Skousen has been editor in chief of Forecasts & Strategies, a popular award-winning investment newsletter (www.markskousen.com). He is a columnist to Forbes magazine and past president of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) in New York. He has written for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Christian Science Monitor. His bestsellers include The Making of Modern Economics (M. E. Sharpe, 2001, 2009), Vienna and Chicago, Friends or Foes? (Capital Press, 2005), The Big Three in Economics (M. E. Sharpe, 2007), and a free-market textbook, Economic Logic (Capital Press, 2010). The Making of Modern Economics won the 2009 Choice Book Award for Outstanding Academic Title. In 2006, he compiled and edited The Completed Autobiography, by Benjamin Franklin (Regnery). His latest book is The Maxims of Wall Street (Eagle Publishing, 2012). He is also the producer of FreedomFest, “the world’s largest gathering of free minds” (www.freedomfest.com). In honor of his work in economics, finance and management, Grantham University renamed its business school, “The Mark Skousen School of Business.”


Tudor Smirna is a founding member and executive director of the Romanian Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was a fellow of the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. He has a Master’s Degree in the Economics of the Austrian School from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain.

Tudor Smirna has published various journalistic and academic articles, has co-translated into Romanian Jesús Huerta de Soto’s Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles, and several other articles. He coordinated the Small Books, Great Ideas introductory seminar in Austrian Economics, and has done editorial work on books and treatises of the Austrian tradition.


Lobo Tiggre’ background in physics, economics, and technical writing prepared him well for his role as senior editor of the International Speculator and Casey Investment Alert. Like Doug Casey, Lobo constantly travels the world, visiting highly prospective geological targets, grilling management and company geologists, and interviewing natives in a variety of languages to find out what they really think (he’s fluent in French and Spanish, and speaks a little German and Russian).

Whether it’s days of back-to-back meetings with mining company executives in Vancouver, pounding on rocks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, examining drill core in Argentina, or eating food with names he can’t pronounce with local miners in China, Lobo is constantly looking for the next double-your-money winner. He evaluates dozens of companies every month, conducts due diligence of only the best, and then compares notes with Doug in order to bring only those most likely to provide rapid high returns to our subscribers’ attention. Lobo also reads all the press releases, financial statements, and an enormous quantity of related information to keep track of all of our mineral companies and has become something of a walking database on same.


David Veksler is the Technical Lead for English First (a part of Education First, the world’s leading international education company) in Shanghai, China. Since 2004, he has also been the Technical Architect/Lead for the Ludwig von Mises Institute. After emigrating from Ukraine, David graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Economics & Political Science and a Masters of Management of Information Systems.

David’s background in Objectivism comes from co-founding and leading the Texas A&M Objectivism Club & studying under the Ayn Rand Institute’s Objectivist Academic Center program. He is the founder of ObjectivismOnline, the original online forum for Objectivists.


Hiroshi Yoshida is President of The Institute of Public Sector Accounting and of The Free Economy Institute in Japan. Dr. Yoshida is Certified Public Accountant / Licensed Tax Accountant and holds a Ph.D. in Policy Studies on the Theory of Public Sector Accounting from Chiba University of Commerce where he is currently a professor. In 2004 he received the Academic Award from The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Dr. Yoshida originated the calculus for “Taxpayer’s Day” and “Children’s Day” in Japan. He is one of the founding members of the organization Japan for Tax Reform (JTR) and is the coordinator of more than 200 regular Government Accounting Seminars across the country, attended by more than 7500 people, including 500 officials from various levels of government who signed the “Tax Protection Pledge.”

Professor Yoshida also created the famous Japanese slogan “Kodomo ni tsuke wo mawasanai,” which means “Do Not Push Deficits Onto Children.” This motto can be found on posters and documents around Japan and is one of the legacies from Hiroshi’s many efforts to increase overall awareness about public accounting.


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